Jiangsu Boiln Plastics Co.,Ltd.


Jiangsu Boiln plastic industry co., LTD., invested and built in 2006, is located at no.1 xingyu west road, jinfeng town, zhangjiagang city, jiangsu province. Company products cover automotive, electronic appliances, health home, electric tools and other applications.

Companies in strict accordance with industry standards and customer requirements production, now 26 declare invention patents, two utility model patents, enterprise standard binomial, 14 provincial high-tech products, registered trademarks, 16. The company has obtained the ISO14000 and ISO18000 quality system certificate issued by Beijing new century certification company, and many products have been certified by SGS company in the United States, which meets the international standards of FDA, ROHS and UL.





The variety and grade of the color masterbatch.

The color mother is divided into the following varieties according to different USES.


How to pay attention to the matching relationship between the color material and the raw material?

The tiein relation between the color material and the plastic raw material, its choice point is as follows.

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